Kim and James' Wedding


The two main places for accommodation are Gifford and Haddington. Many of James' family are staying in Gifford, however there is another wedding that weekend in Gifford so accommodation there is limited. Haddington has several large hotels as well as many smaller places, so there should be no problem finding a room there.


  • Goblin Ha' - A nice pub, unfortunately completely booked out with another party
  • Tweedale Arms - Several of James' family staying here, all rooms are now taken
  • There are many other B&Bs in the area


Note the quoted prices are taken directly from their websites, make sure you confirm when you book!


Edinburgh is about 30 miles away from Humbie, so most people will want to stay a bit closer, however as so many of our friends live in Edinburgh there may be communal transport available (e.g. a coach). Keep an eye on the transport page for more information.