Kim and James' Wedding


  • There is limited parking available at the church and reception venues.
  • We can organise taxis from the centers of Haddington and Gifford to Humbie Kirk for the start of the ceremony. Please let us know by 15th May if this would be helpful to you.
  • We will arrange for a minibus taxi to be around for ferrying people between Humbie Kirk and Mavis Hall Park for the reception. Alternatively it is a 1.5 mile walk through the fields or 2.3 miles along the road.
  • At the end of the night someone will help co-ordinate taxis back to Haddington and Gifford
  • The plan is that one of our friends will organise a coach to and from the centre of Edinburgh. Note that the coach will not be able to go the last half mile to the Kirk as the road is too narrow - you'll have to walk!

Taxi Firms

  • Fortune Travel - 07814 596148
  • Colin's Cabs - 01620 825825
  • Johnny's Cabs – 01620 826 222